Top Casino Games

The first thing the casino owners was to study the mathematical laws of statistics and probability, and apply the analysis of the games, to establish the prizes so that always has some left the casino. For example in roulette, there are 37 numbers (36 + 0), but the highest prize is 35 times the initial bet. When we play on a casino , whether in a physical location or a location online, so we have to keep in mind at all times is: Casinos are a business, which offers entertainment in exchange for our money.

Time is money. The casinos are not designed to nickel and dimed at one time, they are actually designed to earn a little bit of our money every time we play. Of course, so they can earn a lot of money, we have to play many times, which means that we should be playing long. And that is why there are no clocks that casinos so that we do not realize the passage of time, time flies and our money go with him.

As a countermeasure we can do two things, first is to set our alarm clock or Smart phone to ring at a specific time and stop playing as sound, whether you win or lose, the second is to establish two limits the loss and the profit, and stop playing as we reach one of the two.

The casinos we offer a hedonistic, beautiful people around us, free food and drink, soft music and some occasional performance. And all this so that we have the impression of being guests at a party where everything is free and is at hand.

This lower our guard and not realizing the party paid the casino tables. As a countermeasure must focus on that we have to have fun making money (spending money we can do it anywhere and certainly more economically) and apply the advice of the previous point.