System for Playing Cards

The easiest way to read the cards, the system has a Hi-Lo system. Under this system, the cards 2 through 6, the value of +1, cards 7 to 9 to 0 and "tens" and "ace of" -1. Logically, one can see that if a normal deck of cards in such a way to read the lõppulemuseks 0. And if you are reading a lot on the plus side, it is dominated by an undivided pack of "tens" and "aces" (should be larger bet), and if you're in the red, it is dominated by small-denomination cards (should be a smaller bet). However, this simple system is also disadvantages - for example, does it make a distinction between the "aces" and "tens", but the likelihood of a difference between them is inside ("tens" key). For example, systems, Hi-Opt I and Revere Plus / Minus aces count separately. Is still quite difficult for a novice to the game during the two to keep records, so they are recommended for advanced strategies.

Incidentally, the card reading success depends very much on how many packets are used dealer. One pack has the advantage of larger, the more packaging, the advantage goes to the smaller and more. That's why casinos in operation for at least 4 cards. Incidentally, online casinos always have to mix a deck of cards after a trick, so it can not be used to advantage in reading the cards.

I think it is quite absurd - the same could be, for example, the Hanseatic Bank to inform all our customers, who in 2006 Profits earned equity markets, "you are not allowed any further securities transactions." Card Reading There's nothing illegal, it is just a very good players. But the casinos want to make a profit, and since they are private companies, they may at its premises impose such rules as they wish. Maybe you should do the following casinos mandatory notice: "Successful players are not expected, we prefer at least a couple of intoxication promillise customers"? It might seem that the cards can be read after all, to hide, but in practice every casino blackjack table-constant companion "big brother". Perhaps the players are constantly monitored by dealers as well as the eye behind the camera located on the nobility. An experienced eye detects the card pretty quickly - after all, the greatest contributions to the dealer just as quite a few decks of cards remaining.

In addition, the casinos have put a lot of other measures that make it difficult to read the cards - the casino employees attending players mingle, waitresses bring drinks, interfere with the dealers card packing top half of the game and so on. In addition, the rapid development of technology to detect the card reading. Therefore, it is arguably the card reading through the ministry over the past decade has become much more difficult.