Roulette Online for Real Money

It should be noted that the different online casinos there are small differences in the number of possible types of bets and the amount of their payment. Therefore, before playing for real money roulette in a new casino should read the rules in more detail. Other types of online roulette is also a little different in the number of rooms and betting opportunities. Most unfavorable to the chances of winning is an American variety of the game. It zero except there is also a double zero, which significantly reduces the chance of the player to win at online roulette. On the other hand, the cell adds additional significance gain, makes even more risk, and therefore the American roulette has its fans online.

So Martingale - one of the most famous and old systems. In its progression based on the concept of probability. The player starts with the lowest rates and at every loss increases the size of the bet in the progression. Under this system, in order to cover the previous loss and stay in the black, each successive rate should be doubled. Critics of the system say about the impossibility of getting a big win. To support a series of rate increase is necessary to have enough money and do not play in casinos where betting limits. After a win, the player must return to the original rate. The opposite is the Martingale system Parlay. Under this system, when winning the next bet is not decreasing but increasing twice.

It is believed that with every spin there is a danger of losing just one unit bet. Both systems are primarily used in betting on red / black or odd / even. More of an old and well-known system of the roulette game for real money is the D'Alembert system, which is also called the Pyramid. It's simple. If you won - the next bid must be one less if lost - one more than. In this system, there is a drawback - if a series of losses would be a long series of wins, then in the end it is possible to stay in the red.

If you select a system Whitaker, the system rates also will be based on progression. The calculation for this system is quite simple - each successive rate increases by an amount equal to the previous two. If you lose the next bet is made in accordance with the calculated trend. When you win - bet on falling through one point before the current position progression. This system can also result in significant losers because it requires quite considerable increase rates. Progression 31 is also built on increasing the rates. Initially calculated progression, in which, after two identical bids is an increase in rates by half. Next after the increase in the rate doubles the previous one. Then the rate is doubled again, and so on. Progression is used depending on win / loss. If you win - you need to double the bet anyway. If you lose - use rate, the next in order of calculated progression. Thus, the game on this system will be most successful if you will win two bets in a row.