Monopoly modernised and digitised

For many of us, the mention of the game Monopoly conjures up memories of family holidays or gatherings, where we would sit round a board game bartering over plastic hotels and famous street names. It has come a long way since then. Over the years we have seen many editions and modernisations of the famous board game. You can now find a Monopoly with street names based in most every major city in the world. The concept of the game has always remained the same; opportunities and expansion. This is even true in the online slot machine adaptation.

On Paddy Power you can find the version with nine paylines, meaning lots of chances at rich rewards. There are two money building bonuses: the Community Chest Instant Bonus or the Pass “GO” Bonus, where you can really cash in.

Unlike the board game the Community Chest bonus on the online Monopoly slot machine game is only a good thing (you won’t need to fork out for any hotel or building repairs!) When presented with a community chest, it is simply an opportunity for you to increase your future winnings as it is a bonus multiplier feature.

You really want to try and get The Pass “Go” Bonus. The great thing about this bonus, is you could be potentially collecting a lot more than just £200, once you are taken to the bonus Monopoly board.

Once on the board, you simply click ROLL to roll the dice. Your game piece will move along the Monopoly board in a clockwise direction the same number of spots as the sum of your dice roll.

You start the bonus with an award of 10. Each time your game piece lands on a “deed”, you add the award value associated with the deed to your award. Upo
n making a full cycle of the board and passing “GO”, the deed awards on the board grow. The first time you pass “GO”, these deed awards are doubled. After passing “GO” twice or more, the deed awards are then tripled.

There are also other features which have evolved from the board game, for example the “Chance” card, Free Parking” and “Going to Jail”. All of which make for one of the most enjoyable and familiar online games.