Why Poker for Android will only get Bigger and Bigger

In an interview about New Jersey online poker, Caesars Interactive spokesman Seth Palansky told NJ.com that 26% of their play was coming though mobile devices. And while some might be surprised by this, it seems a little low to us at information hub.

A few years ago, you probably wouldn't have even found 10% of the poker population grinding through a smartphone or tablet. But thanks to advances in mobile technology, more and more players are finding that Android poker is an excellent option. And as for the 26% figure that Palansky threw out, we definitely see this moving closer to 50%, and here's why.

1. People Almost Always carry their Phones

When somebody buys a smartphone, there's a very good chance that they'll have it on them wherever they go. After all, you can answer calls, browse the internet and play games with Android phones. So if one is also a poker player, they'll definitely be tempted to play poker since they've constantly got their phone. Take an advanatge of 888 sign up offer and get more money to play online.

2. More Cash Game Stakes are being added

A few years ago, poker rooms were busy testing their mobile product in the micro stakes. And while many players saw micro stakes mobile poker as a fun novelty, they wanted higher limits. Well, these players have gotten their wish because many poker sites such as PokerStop.com are running bigger games. The nice thing about this is that more people are tempted to play poker through their smartphone or tablet. These days, you can expect at least $3/$6 cash tables at the bigger rooms.

3. Players can enjoy More Features

If you're somebody who appreciates multi-tabling, hand histories and table background options, then you'll definitely like what's going on with mobile poker. The majority of sties are now vamping up their offerings by adding more features. This means that players can enjoy more tables at once, change table backgrounds, set lobby filters and reviews their hand histories even through a smartphone or tablet.

Considering everything we've discussed so far, there's definitely a good chance that a large number of new players will find their way to mobile poker.