Online Bingo is available in multiple Variants

Bingo is one of the most interesting and exciting casino games which is available in the online casinos and also in the land based casinos. It is also played in the home front among family and friends. Basically, online bingo is a board game and it is played using a bingo card which is displayed on the screen. One of the merits of playing online bingo is that many varieties are offered by these online casinos which are not offered by the land-based casinos.

Online bingo offers you a grid card and the numbers on this card are provided by the automated system of the game itself. You do not get a choice to choose the numbers by yourself in online bingo. A card with random numbers is automatically generated and offered to you by the random number generator of the game. Different variants of the game have different cards which have different number of rows, columns and the count of the numbers on the card. You are supposed to buy these cards and then bet over them to play online.

Online casinos also offer big jackpots in online bingo and these are really beneficial. You must take part in these jackpots to win big lots at once. Online bingo offers really amazing bet to win ratios which could be 1:35 or above in some casinos. You can never get such better ratios in the land based casinos. Online casinos are also known to offer an option of video gaming for bingo in which you can see the dealer on your screen. Video bingo is played exactly in the same manner as bingo is played in the land based casinos.

Playing video bingo is more fun and exciting since you can experience a land based version of the game by sitting at your home. It is best for those people who wish to play bingo in the bingo halls of the land based casinos but never got a chance to visit a land based casino. Video version of the casino games are not offered in all the casinos therefore, you need to search hard on the web for these casinos.